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Embdigit - Digitizer for Embroidery

The Revolution In Modern Era of Digitizer for embroidery And Its History

Embroidery is a work of art which has been started long ago, somewhere in 30,000 BC. This unique way of decorating the fabric and other materials was initially performed by the hands of artists and weavers. The artists used to stitch the patterns of their choice on the wearable clothes, curtains sheets and other materials with the help of needles and thread.

Slowly and gradually the demand of the work increased and more people learnt the expertise in order to provide the services to the customers. Then came the existence of machines which helped them in processing their orders faster than before and the work getting better and demanding.

Introductory History Of Digitizer For Embroidery

With great efforts and lots of people who have researched for a long time, the revolution came to the world of Embroidery as well. Things have really changed to the progression towards the perfection. We can also say that beautiful work of hands replaced with time-saving machines and smart machines replaced by efficient computer systems.

What is Digitizer for Embroidery?

In simple terms, the process of creating simple logos, designs or motifs converted into patterns with just a click of the computer resulting in the attractive and unique patterns.

Digitizer for Embroidery is creating the distinctive works of Embroidery in a digital way for the purpose of business, self-use or to use as a gift to your near and dear ones. With the passing of time and getting everything digital, the piece of art has also reached the height of the development. Within no time, the demand for such attractive products has raised a lot.

The process of creating Embroidery digitally has increased the quality of the work and turned it famous through out the world at the very vast scale. Thousands of people are getting employed in the business of the digital Embroidery. The artists are transforming the images, patterns and artwork from virtual to real-time assets as a result of the Digitizer of Embroidery.

Requirements for becoming an expert

1. For the artist to become an expert in the dedicated environment for Embroidery, knowledge of materials and equipment used in the process is essential.

2. Technical knowledge of using the equipment and computer to work with the best and most effective ways.

3. Artist is required to have the knowledge of using the software efficiently. The more interest he has the more will be the output quality.

Few Digitizing Software

1. 6 D Premier Embroidery Digitizing Software.

2. Brother PE - Design Next Embroidery Digitizing Software.

3. Amazing Designs Letter It & Monogram It Software.

4. Tru Embroidery 3.

5. Wilcom Embroidery Studio Designing Software.

6. Embrid Embroidery Studio Digitizing Software.

Ways of Digitizing

By using computer applications and software, an artist can view the output results of the combination of colors and styles before the finalization of the same. All the patterns, designs and images get transformed into the stitches work with the combination of pearls, beads, stones, quills, frills, sequins etc if required in the process of creating a work of art for decorating fabric and other materials with the help of needles to weave the threads.

There are 2 ways of digitizing the design:-

1. Use of separate colors individually while preparing the designs on the computer, that will give the impression altogether different.
2. Use of all the colors collectively, on the contrary. This way will give the dynamic shaded effect to the fabric.
Purposes for digitizing

Though the unique work of Embroidery can be used to anything and everything. Still, some mostly used ways are:-

1. Patterns and motifs created on suits, sarees, dress material.
2. Digitized logos for the uniforms of companies.
3. Characters and styles created on garments.
4. Bedsheets, curtains and other household materials.

Embroidery File Formats

There are several kinds of Embroidery file formats that can be used while an Embroidery process of the design is being created. Some Embroidery file formats are:-