Frequently Asked Questions

At the top corner of the website, there is an option “Register”. Click on register and fill up the details and you can be registered with our website within seconds.

Once you have registered on our website, you can login with your details and place order by clicking "Place an Order".


We would suggest providing a professional artwork to have relatively clear image with the color separations.

No, we do not accept rough artwork, although fabrics can be used.

You can do this through your process of order form.

Whenever the client submits artwork, our audit staff will thoroughly check the artwork. The client is then informed about the artwork through an email.

While placing order, all the essential information is collected by us. If any information is left out, we would ask from the client ourselves.

After the artwork has passed through the perfection test, our normal turnaround time is 12-24 hours.

Turnaround time for urgent orders is 1-8 hours.


We accept the following file formats: .eps or .ai (preferred), .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .pcx, .png, .dxf, .emf, .wmf, .pdf, .cdr, .psd

Yes, we accept vector format artwork such as .cdr, .ai, .eps, .wmf, ect. If you send us in CorelDraw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai), please be sure to convert the artwork from text to curves first. Otherwise we may not be able to read the same font that you have sent.

We can offer you all major formats a few of which are. .emb,.dst,.exp,.cnd,.dsb,.dsz,.10O,.ksm,.t01,.t03,.t04,.t05,t09,.xxx,.sew,.jef,.hos,.pes,.pec,.pcs,.pcd,.pcq,.csd, and many more. You can also check out our list to know other formats supported by us.

Once the designs are received, we check the artwork and logo necessity, to ensure we have all the required information to start work. Then our professionally qualified digitizers will complete the task by taking care of all the technicalities required. Once this process is over, the admin team will recheck to ensure the quality and the work has met the clients demand.

The client is informed through email notification. You should clear your bills and then can successfully download the work. If the file is zipped, ensure you have WinZip in your PC to download it properly.

Mostly the clients upload one or two file, but there is not restriction on the number of files. You can email us all your work and we will work accordingly.


We calculate the charges based on stitch counts.

The customer should login into the account and place EDIT request. The request should include the editing required in size, file format or any other changes.

Minor editing and size increase or decrease upto 20% is FREE. For major changes, the charges will depend.

You can contact us through the phone number mentioned or through email. And still if you have any query, you can have Live Chat with us.