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Quality digitizing- the backbone of machine embroidery

What is quality digitizing?

Quality digitizing or let’s just say embroidery digitizing is based on the concept of converting logos and designs (by reading the analogue sources) into digital points or language such that an embroidery machine can read it. The demand of custom embroidery digitizing is increasing day by day because the embroidery trend never takes a backseat in the fashion and cloth industry. From custom made embroidery to logo embroideries, the interest and thus the need of people in quality digitizing is increasing. Embroidery digitizers or commonly known as digitizers are used for creating and designing embroidery and gives the option of choosing stitch, designs as well as colors.

Embroidery digitizing- A step forward

Are you thinking of launching your own clothing line? Or you are interested in getting a cloth custom embroidered with your own art vector? Then embroidery digitizing is the solution you are looking for. Any embroidery design differs from other in respect of the type of stitch. The right type of stitch will accent the quality as well as look of your design. Stitch is the one thing that makes your embroidery unique.

Custom embroidery digitizing has become the recent trend across the globe and is catching up fast with advancing technologies. There are many software present these days for quality digitizing that can help you to create your own embroidery design. With this software, you have the option of choosing as well as creating your own stitch and thus creating as many designs as you want. Quality digitizing is an arena with infinite possibilities.

A glance into the past

Before the digitizers were introduced in the market, all the embroidery was done with hand and the task used to be a time consuming and tedious one. Around the 1970s, the concept of digitized embroidery or digitized logos came up which gave the option of moving the cloth left and right, thus making things a little easier.

Around the late 1990s, the digitizing was done on a huge tablet with a puck. Commonly known as tape punching or punch a tape. The small designs were enlarged and then hand drawn and then the holes were punched on the tape following the design.

In the latter times, when computers started becoming more progressive, the concept of quality digitization also evolved. The computers had memories and designs were fed in. the designs were sent to Japan for embroidery for digitizing but it took weeks’ time for a design to get completed. But then slowly the quality digitizing caught up with advancing technologies and people started taking up digitizing as their business. Now, all the digitizing is done on screen and the options of zooming in and out, loading the designs, redrawing the designs and even choosing the appropriate stitch are available. Getting a design embroidered has now become just a matter of minutes.

The world of digitizing has expanded so much that there are now options of manual as well as automatic digitization. Automatic digitizing has an upper hand over the manual ones as they can feed the designs and plot the design points themselves. But manual digitizing gives us the option of getting a complete design since many times in automatic digitizing the program is unable to find the missing design points.

The concept of production digitizing is also catching up at a fast pace. With the help of production digitizing we can optimize our embroidery work. In production digitizing, the software reads the design or logo that has been fed and reads it for a while so that it can enhance the process by evincing or tracing the shortest route between the points, choosing the optimum stitch technique and shortening the amount of trims and color changes.

What are the options available?

These days there are many options are available online for getting your embroidery work done. If you want to start a business which involves clothing and stuff with a low budget or you want your cloth custom embroidered then there are many embroidery digitizing services present on the web to get your job done in the nick of time.

Embroidered clothes, bag, table covers, tee shirts, bed sheets and any other piece of cloth are in great demand these days and there are many services online which can provide you with these facilities and services. But many of these services are not reliable and simply do not have the ability to complete the work on time and deliver it without any delay.

You need to choose wisely if you are seeking online help for getting your custom embroidery and choosing one can be a hectic endeavour. Thus you must know a few basic things before choosing any online quality embroidery digitizing service. You must have a first-hand knowledge of the company’s production quality and rate, stitch quality and whether they have an eye for the art or not. You must also look for embroidery servicing digitizing reviews on the web for hunting down different companies available and then weigh your options with a clear mind.

A few reliable digitizing companies that are available online who provide efficient services and quality collection embroider designs are mig-digitizing and embdigit. These companies are well renowned online for their quality punching and stitch services and efficient rate of production. These companies use high and advance level software for digitizing, thus giving you a reliable finish and quality of work. in addition to that, they also give the offer of vectoring your design or work.

These companies also provide you with free embroidery designs. All you have to do is sign in to their sites or register with them.

Thus, if you are looking for getting something custom embroidered or starting a line of business which includes embroidery work then you know which way you need to turn to. Just browse and visit any or all of these sites, weigh your options, choose the one you want and get your job done easily, efficiently and that too at a cheap rate.