Custom Patches

We customise the embroidery work based on customer preference and ensure every stitch delivers quality.

Explore The World Of Custom Embroidered Patches

Gone were the days when getting a custom patch embroidery service was hard to get. The technology has turned the tables. Nowadays, getting a custom patch embroidery service is no more hassle. You can easily find a custom patch embroidery service that can fulfil your needs and requirements. But getting a quality custom patch service provider is a hard nut to crack. With the growing number of digitizing companies that are offering embroidery patches online services has made it hard for customers to find the right one. However, if you are in search of finding quality embroidery digitizing service then you are in the right place. EMB Digit offers world-class custom embroidered patches online services at highly affordable rates.

EMB Digit is the leading embroidery patches online service provider. We offer a wide range of services related to custom embroidery digitizing. We have a team of experienced professionals who are the experts in making custom patches. We know what it takes to create innovative custom patch designs. To make eye-catching custom embroidered patches is not a hobby but an art that needs delicacy and perfection. Keeping all these factors in mind, EMB Digit only have experienced industry professionals who endeavour to give customers the utmost level of satisfaction. We have combined technology with craftsmanship and artwork, and together we create custom embroidery patches that speaks for themselves.

The Custom Patch Services You Need

Our services are not limited to a single custom patch service, we offer a wide variety of embroidery services to our customers to give them the satisfaction they want. We know the requirements of our customers. We are aware of all the pros and cons of embroidery digitizing. We strive to give our customers the finest outcome to give them peace of mind. EMB Digit provides all these services at affordable rates. Our pricing for embroidery custom online services are dirt cheap as to other companies. Yet, we never compromise on quality. You will get the premium quality outcome of embroidered patches.

EMB Digit endeavour to give its customers the opportunity to have their custom design they want. Every custom patch service at market-competitive rates. Be it embroidery patches for jeans, patches for hats, patches for clothing, patches for jackets, and the like, we offer it all in the purest sense. Converting artwork, images, text, or any other design to custom patches is a no-brainer for our industry professionals. Our digitizers and designers always strive to create innovative custom patch designs. So, whether you want to embed custom embroidery patches on your clothing or want to have an embedded hat, EMB Digit has got your back. You can easily get online quotes on our website to start your journey.

Raster to Custom Ppatches

The process for customized embroidery patches is bit lengthy. First the client would place request for an estimate. We shall process the request and provide the cost and stitch details. If the customers find it feasible, we shall process a sample of the same which will be forwarded to the customer. Customer will go through the nitty-gritty and will have to complete the billing process. Once the amount is received, we will process the order and ship it to the customer on its shipping address. The customer can track the order through the tracking code.

This procedure will take almost 7 days after the sample has been finalized to get your product deliver at your door steps. We can assure you that no one can provide you these pricing what we offer ! Try now before you are looted.